We believe all things, we hope all things,
we have endured many things,
and hope to be able to endure all things.

Willie Co.

Members of the 

Willie Handcart Company

From Florence, Nebraska, 
to Salt Lake City, Utah,
and Those Who Died Previously

Legend:    Adults - Red
                    Youth -  Green
                    Children - Blue
                  Story - Purple
                 * - Story available
                  Name   Name has been used

Ahmanson, Johan August (28), b. Sweden; sub- captain, wife and baby in Hodgett Co.
Andersen, Metta Marie (19), sister, b. Denmark
Andersen, Anne Marie (16), sister, b. Denmark
Andersen, Christena (14), sister, b. Denmark
Anderson, Christina, Independent Wagons, traveled some with Mortensen family of this Company. Married Anders Mortensen in 1857.
(Parents died at Mormon Grove, Kansas; joined Willie Co. at Florence)
Anderson, David (17), b. England
Anderson, Marie (or Maria K.) (54), mother, b. Denmark
Anderson, Anne (or Johanna C.) (29), daughter, b. Denmark
Anderson, Nils (or Niels) (41), b. Denmark, d. Oct. 24, 1856, buried at Rock Creek
Anderson, Mette Hansen(49), wife, b. Denmark

Anderson, Anna (14), daughter, b. Denmark

  Anderson, Anders (8)
Atwood, Millen (38), b. Connecticut, sub-captain
*Bailey, John (51) and family, b. England, died
Bailey, Elizabeth (51 or 52), wife, b. England, d. Oct. 24, buried at Rock Creek

Bailey, Elizabeth (17) b. England (Ellen Jones and Sarah Steed also traveling with)

Bain, May (See Marjorie Smith)
Baker, George Wesley (18), b. England, died June 1, his family left Company at Brushrow Creek, Iowa
Bayliss, Stillborn girl, daughter of Hannah Bayliss, born on ship Thornton
*Bird, Mary Ann Fenn (39), widow, and family, b. England     
  Bird, Ann (19), left company at Homestead, Iowa
Bird, Sabina (17), left company at Homestead, Iowa
Bird, Ezra (14) b. England
Bird, Martha Ann (12), b. England

Bird, Sarah (10)
Bird, Susannah (8), b. England
Bird, William Fred (6), b. England

Bodenham, Thomas (1), son of Mary Bodenham, died on ship Thornton
Boyington, Thomas (26), with PEF wagons
Bowles, Edward (50), and family, b. England
Bowles, Ann (52), wife, b. England
Bowles, Thomas (19), b. England

Bowles, Enoch (11), b. England
Brazier, George (21), brother, b. England; name also listed in Journal History, 11/9/1856, with the words “and Jane.”
Brazier, John (19), brother, birthplace England; name not listed in Journal History, 11/9/1856, but a Jane Brazier is listed with George Brazier.
Brittan, Mary Ann, (51 or 55), b. England
Browant (or Broward or Bravandt), Emma (or Emelia) (18), b. Denmark
Brown, Christina (26), stayed at Ft. Laramie
Brown, Ellen Ward (44), and family
Brown, John, husband

Brown, William, child
Brown, Elizabeth, child
Brown, Sarah, child
Brown, James, child
Brown, Ann, child
Brown, Frances, child
Bryant, Ann (69), b. England, d. Sept. 26, 1856, between Chimney Rock and Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Burt, Alexander (19), b. Scotland
Caldwell, Margaret Ann McFall (40), and family, b. Ireland, widow, married rescuer Nathaniel Bennett
Caldwell, Robert (17), b. Scotland, provision wagon
Caldwell, Thomas (14), b. Scotland
Caldwell, Elizabeth (12), b. Scotland

Caldwell, Agnes (9), b. Scotland (Christina McNeil with this family)
Campkin, Martha Webb (35), and family, b. England, widow, husband died in St. Louis earlier that year; married Thomas Young of Willie Co. in 1857
Campkin, Wilford George (8), b. England
Campkin, Francessa (or Frencessa) (5), b. England
Campkin, Harriet (4), b. England
Campkin, Martha Ann (2), b. England
Campkin, Isaac James (7 mos.), b. England
Cantwell, James Sherlock, b. Ireland, Independent Wagons with Willie Company until Ft. Laramie, where they waited, then joined the Hodgett Co. due to lack of stock.
Cantwell, Elizabeth Cotterell Hamer (37), wife

Cantwell, Francis Robert (15), b. England
Cantwell, James (13), b. England

Cantwell, William Hamer (10) b. England
Cantwell, Ellen (7) b. England
Cantwell, Mary Ann (3), b. St. Louis, Missouri
Cantwell, Elizabeth Cotterell (6 months), b. Missouri
Charles (or Choales), Sarah (24)
Chetwin, Martha (or Maria) (21)
Chislett, John (24), b. England, sub-captain, engaged to Mary Ann Stockdale of Willie Co.
Christensen, (or Christenson) Anders (21), originally traveled with Anna Nilson (29) and Christian Christensen (11) of Hodgett Co., on ship Thornton, from Jutland
Christensen, Niel (or Niels) Lars (30) with Independent Wagons; interpreter and counselor to Danish Saints
Cobbley, Charles Augustus (1)
Cook, Minea (or Minnie Ann) (35), b. England
Cooper, Ann (36), with family, b. England
Cooper, Mary Ann (6), b. England
Cooper, Adelaide (4), b. England
Cooper, Sarah Ann (2), b. England, d. July 5, Iowa
Cox, (or Copp or Coop or Cope), Theophilus William (25), birthplace England, died on Nov. 7, 1856.
Crook, Sophia Mason (65), and daughter, b. England
Crook, Eliza (19), b. England
Culley, Benjamin (60), father, b. England, d. Oct. 4
Culley, Elizabeth (20 or 23), daughter, b. England
Culley, Jane (22 or 25), daughter, b. England
Cunningham, James (54), with family, b. Scotland.
Cunningham, Elizabeth Nicholson (48), wife, b. Scotland

Cunningham, Catherine (17), b. Scotland
Cunningham, George (15), b. Scotland
Cunningham, Elizabeth (12), b. Scotland

Cunningham, Margaret (9), b. Scotland
Curtis, George (64), b. England, d. Oct. 16.
Curtis, Rachel (75), died on the ship Thornton.
Dalglish, Margaret (29), (Margaret’s father, name not known, was possibly in the company as well.)
Davenport, Lucinda, left company, Oct. 9, Ft. Laramie
Davenport, Melissa, with Independent Wagons, joined Hodgett Company at Ft. Laramie.
Dorney, Mary Davis (64), mother, widow, b. England
Dorney, Hannah (25), daughter, b. England, married rescuer, Joseph Wadley, Nov. 15, 1856
Dorney, Lot (23), son, b. England
Edwick, William (17), returned to Ft. Laramie, Oct. 12
Elder, Joseph Benson (21), b. Indiana, assisted Captain Willie in locating rescuers in Oct., returned as rescuer of Martin Co.
Evans, Amelia (18) 
Funnell, Mary Ann Winters (62), mother
Funnel, Elizabeth (23), daughter
Findlay, Allen McPherson (26) with family, b. Scotland, returning missionary from Bombay, India
Findlay, Jessie Ireland (26), wife, married on ship
Findlay, Mary McPherson (59), mother of Allen
Forbes, Elizabeth (8), b. Scotland, with Isabelle Wilkie, widow
*Gadd, Samuel (41), with family, b. England, d. Oct. 9
Gadd, Eliza Chapman (41), wife, b. England
Gadd, Alfred (20), b. England

Gadd, Jane, (17), b. England
Gadd, William Chapman (12), b. England

Gadd, Samuel (10), b. England, d. Oct. 24, buried at Rock Creek.
Gadd, Mary Ann (8), b. England
Gadd, Sarah (5), b. England
Gadd, Isaac (1), twin, b. England.
Gadd, Daniel (1), twin, b. England, d. Oct. 4
Gardner, James (27), with family, b. England
Gardner, Hannah Gubbins (27), wife, b. England

Gardner, Mary Ann (6), b. England
Gardner, Agnes E. (5), b. England
Gardner, Frederick J. (3 or 2), b. England
Gardner, John W. (7 or 11 months), b. England

Geary, John Thomas (33) with Independent Wagons, joined Hodgett Company at Ft. Laramie, b. England
  Geary, Sophia Fryer (27), b. England
  Geary, Sophia Ann (3) b. Keokuk campground, Iowa
Gibb (or Gibbs), James (61 or 67), and wife, d. Oct 23, buried at Rock Creek
Gibb, Mary (53), wife
Gilby, Ann B., and sons, b. England
Gilby, Matthew (8)
Gilby, Francis West (10)
Gillman, Chesterton John (age 76 according to family records), b. England, d. Oct. 23, buried Rock Creek
Girdlestone, Thomas (62 or 63), husband, d. Oct. 25.
Girdlestone, Mary Betts (59), wife, b. England, d. Oct. 30, buried near the Green River.
Girdlestone, Emma (21), daughter, b. England
Godfrey, Richard (21), b. England (Married in Iowa City on July 15, by Bishop Taylor 
   Hannah Herbert (16), b. England. Hannah was with her sister, Ann Herbert)
Gregerson (or Gregeson), Marcan (or Maren) (26)
Griffiths, Catherine M. (32)
Griffiths, Edward (25), b. Wales
Griffiths, Mary Priscilla (28), b. England
Groves, William (22), b. England, d. Oct. 25, buried at Rock Creek
Gurney, Charles (39) and family (Charles and daughter deserted Aug 9, 1856)
Gurney, Charlotte Brown (36),b. England, wife

Gurney, Mary A. (15)
Gurney, Joseph (13)
Hailey (or Haley), William, (66), with wife, d. Sept. 13 at North Bluff Fork.
Hailey, Catherine (63)
Hansen, Maren (or Mary Ann) (52), d. Aug. 14, buried at Florence, her goods distributed to poor.
Hanson, Cassius
Hanson, Nils (or Niels) (43), husband
Hanson, Anna Catherine (42), wife
Hanson (or Hansen), Rasmus Peter (40), husband, d. Oct. 19
Hanson, Anna (40), wife

Hanson (or Hansen), Rasmus Peter (16), son, d. Nov.6
Hardwick, Richard (50 or 63) d. Oct. 21 on Sweetwater
Henderson, James (27) of Scotland, d. Oct. 18 on Sweetwater
Henderson, Jane Allison McGibbon (26)

Henderson, James Mitchell, infant, b. Scotland
Herbert, Ann (26), mother of Charles, sister of Hannah
Herbert, Charles (2 yrs., 11 mo.), son
Herbert, Hannah (16), (see Richard Godfrey)
*Hill, Emily (20), sister, b. England, poetess, married rescuer William G. Mills, later Joseph Woodmansee
Hill, Julia (23), sister, b. England, married rescuer Israel Ivans
Hill, John (30), b. England, husband
Hill, Sarah Dean (31), b. England, wife
Hodges, Janet (Janetta) (55), mother
Hodges, Mary (20), daughter
Hooley (or Holley) Thomas (20 or 21), b. England
Howard, Ann (36), b. England, on J. Linford’s tent list,.
Humphries, George (45), with family, b. England
Humphries, Harriet Harding (47), b. England
Humphries, Edwin (18), b. England (Humpries, Ann, age 16, had passage booked, but grandmother hid her so family could not find her)

Humphries, Mary (14 or 15), b. England
Humphries, Elizabeth (12), b. England

Humphries, Hannah (9), b. England
Humphries, Salina (6), b. England
Humphries, James (1), b. England
Hurren, James (29), and family, b. England
Hurren, Eliza Reeder (26), wife, and daughter of David Reeder, also in Willie Company

Hurren, Mary (7), b. England
Hurren, Emma (4), b. England
Hurren, Sarah (2), b. England
Hurren, Selena, b. July 14 or 15 at Iowa City, lived only two weeks and died on July 28 or 30 at Cherry Creek, along the trail in Iowa
Impey (or Empey), Jesse (31) with family, b. England, d. Sept. 22, 1856
Impey, Mary A. Folks (29), wife, b. England, later married brother of Ann Oakey

Impey, William (9), b. England, d. Nov, 7, 1856, in cottonwood grove near East Canyon Creek
Impey, James (6), b. England
Impey, Ann (4), b. England
Impey, Sarah J. (9 mo.), b. England
Ingra, George (68) and wife, from England, d. Oct. 4.
Ingra, Elizabeth (75), wife, b. England, d. Sept 3, 1856, a little ways past Buffalo Creek.
Jacobson, Paul (53 or 55) and family, from Denmark, d. Oct. 13
Jacobson, Lovisa (or Luisa) (53), wife
Jacobson, Peter (24 or 29), with family
Jacobson, Anna K. (32), wife

Jacobson, Jens Peter (3), son
James, John (52 or 53 or 61), b. Wales, d. Oct. 27
James, William (38 or 46) with family, b. England, d. Oct. 24, 1856, buried at Rock Creek.
James, Jane (41), wife, b. England
James, Sarah (19), b. England

James, Emma Jane (16), b. England
James, Reuben (13 or 14), b. England

James, Mary Ann (11), b. England
James, Martha (9), b. England
James, George (6), b. England
James, John Parley (3 or 5), b. England
James, Jane (8 mo.), b. England, d. on ship Thornton
Jeffry (or Jefferies or Jeffrey), William (24)
Jensen, Catherine (24 or 18)
Jensen, Johanna Marie (21)
Jensen, Petrea Caroline (25), b. 12 Aug 1831, Norway
joined Willie Co. about Aug 18
Jenson, Andres (or Andres or Anders) (47 or 49), and family, b. Denmark, d. Oct. 29 on the Big Sandy.
Jenson, Anna Christensen (47), wife

Jenson, Michael (10), b. Denmark
Jenson, Anton (8), b. Denmark (Jenson, Peder C., son, b. 1843, stayed in Denmark)
Jenson, Carsten
Jones, Ellen (6) (with John Bailey family)
Jorgensen, Andrew (Anders)(44), and family, b. Denmark
Jorgensen, Elizabeth Nielsen (42), wife, b. Denmark

Jorgensen, Hans (12), b. Denmark
Jorgensen, Maren (9) b. Denmark
Jorgensen, Anna (6), b. Denmark, revived by father at Rock Creek camp
Jorgensen, Jorgen (3), b. Denmark
Jorgensen (or Jergonson), Christian (or Christen or Christine)
Jorgensen, Maren (or Maria) S. (8), b. Denmark, d. Nov. 7, 1856, near East Canyon Creek
Jost, John A. (44) b. Halifax, Nova Scotia, with Independent Wagons, joined Hodgett Co. Ft. Laramie
Jost, Maryann Zwicker, Sr. (45) wife, b. Canada

Jost, Catherine Ann, (Kate?) (15) b. Canada
Jost, Samuel Edward (11) b. Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, later a teamster, brought 1st telegraph wire to Utah)
Jost, Thomas William (9) b. Canada
Jost, Maryann (Minnie?), Jr. (9), b. Canada
Jost, Andrew James (11) b. Canada (Also George H., Alice or Louisa E., John D., Andrew)
Kay (or Key), Rose (50), with family
Kay, Margaret (3) daughter of James and Mary Kay, died on Ship Thornton, parents did not continue
Kelley, Barbara (29)
Kelley, John (31), with family, b. England
Kelley, Mary Carmichael (30), wife

Kelley, John C. (2), b. England
Kirby, Honor (or Hannah) (36), widow
Kirby, Maria Watson (13), daughter, b. England
Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth (31)
Kirkwood, Margaret Campbell (47), and family, b. Scotland, widow
Kirkwood, Robert C. (22), son, b.Scotland, crippled
Kirkwood, Thomas (19), son, b. Scotland

Kirkwood, James (11), son, b. Scotland, d. Oct. 24, 1856, buried at Rock Creek.
Kirkwood, Joseph Smith (4), son, b. Scotland
Knutsen, Kersten (60), b. Denmark, d. Oct. 29 on the Big Sandy
Laird, James (30 or 32), with family, b. Ireland
Laird, Mary Rennie (or Rainey) (29), b. Scotland

Laird, Joseph Smith (6), b. Scotland
Laird, Edward (4), b. Scotland
Laird, Elizabeth (1), b. Scotland
Langman, Rebecca (20 or 22), b. England, married Moses Cluff of Martin Co.
Lark, Mary F. (10), daughter of William and Mary Lark, died on ship Thornton
Larson (or Larsen), Peder (44), with family, from Denmark, d. Oct. 3, 21 miles west of Ft. Laramie
Larson, Ane Kirstine (37), wife

Larson, Niels Peder (12)(died in December 1856)
Larson (or Larsen), Anna Sophie (or Sophia) (10 or 11), b. Denmark, d. Oct. 21 on the Sweetwater.
Larson, Martine (or Martin) (6)
Larson, Lars Julius, b. on July 5, 1856, at Iowa City Camp, d. Oct. 16, 1856 on the Sweetwater
Leatham, James(26) b. Scotland, husband
Leatham, Margaret Irvine(19) b. Scotland, wife
Ledingham (or Ledington), William (30), with family
Ledingham, Catron (or Catherine) (29 or 32), wife

Ledingham, Alexander (6)
Ledingham, William (5)
Ledingham, Robert McK.(3)
Ledingham, Mary (1) from Scotland, d. July 7, 1856 at Iowa City Camp
Leason, Rivinia (21) b. Illinois, with Independent Wagons, joined Hodgett Company at Ft. Laramie
Leason, William N. (2), from U.S., son, with Independent Wagons, d. Sept. 28, 1856 at 11:30 p.m. of canker in the stomach
Linford, John (48), with family, b. England, d. Oct. 21
Linford, Maria (43), wife, b. England

Linford, George J. (17), b. England
Linford, Joseph W. (14), b. England

Linford, Amasa C. (11), b. England
Loutross, Louisa (Louiza or Marian) (30)
Madsen, Ole (41), and family, b. Denmark, d. Oct. 24, buried at Rock Creek
Madsen, Anna (or Ane) Nielsen (44 or 46), wife

Madsen (or Olsen), Johanna Marie (15), b. Denmark
Madsen, Metta Kirstine (Steena) (13), b. Denmark

Madsen, Anna Marie (10), b. Denmark
Madsen, Andrew (5 or 6)
Madsen, Peter (49), from Jutland, Denmark, d. Nov. 2 near Ft. Bridger
Madsen, Metta Marie Nielson (45)
*Madsen, Peter (62), from Copenhagen, Denmark, d. Nov. 5 in Echo Canyon, Danish clerk, diarist
Madsen, Petrea (36), daughter
Marrott, William (34)
Marsen, Peter, with family
McCullick (or McCullock or McCollick), John (20)
McKay, Joseph (57), b.Scotland
McNeil, Christina (24), b. Scotland, with Caldwells
McNeil, Thomas, Jr. (34), b. Scotland, husband
McNeil, Jennet Reid (33), b. Scotland, wife

McNeil, Margaret Reid (10), b. Scotland
McNeil, Thomas Reid (8), b. Scotland
McNeil, Emily Reid (6), b. Scotland
McNeil, John Reid (3), b. Scotland, died 3 Jul 1856
McNeil, James Reid (1 ½ yr.), b. Scotland
McNeil, Charles Reid Thornton, b. on ship1 May 1856 Liverpool Harbor (Family did not continue with WillieCo. but came in 1859)
McPhail, Archibald (30 or 40), with family, b. Scotland, d. Nov. 6, 1856 in Echo Canyon
McPhail, Jane McKinnon (36), 2nd wife, b. Scotland

McPhail, Henrietta (16), daughter of Archibald, b. Scotland
McPhail, Jane (3), b. Scotland
Meadows, Joseph (32), with wife, b. England
Meadows, Amelia Pendrick (33)
Millard, Esther (31 or 33), b. England
Miller, Mary Ann (30), on John Linford list
Miller, Mercy (26), and son
Miller, William A.S. (5)
Mitchell, Euphemia (23), b. Scotland, with Margaret Bain Smith family
*Mortensen, Bodil (9), with Jens Nielson family, d. Oct. 24, buried at Rock Creek
Mortensen, Peter (50) with family, b. Denmark
Mortensen, Helena Sanderson (48), wife, b. Denmark
Mortensen, Anna Kirstine (24) (Peterson), b. Denmark
Mortensen, Anders Jorgen (22), b. Denmark, married Christina Anderson of this Company in 1857.
Mortensen, Hans Jorgen (18), b. Denmark

Mortensen, Lars (13), b. Denmark
Mortensen, Metta Kirstine (11), b. Denmark
Mortensen, Mary (8), b. Denmark
Mortensen, Caroline (6), b. Denmark
Moulton, Thomas (45), with family, b. England
Moulton, Sarah Denton (37 or 38), wife, b. England
Moulton, Sarah (19), b. England to Thomas and 1st wife, Esther Marsh; married rescuer, John Hawkins

Moulton, Mary Ann (15), b. England
Moulton, William (12), b. England

Moulton, Joseph (10), b. England
Moulton, James (7), b. England
Moulton, Charlotte (4), b. England
Moulton, Sophia (2), b. England
Moulton, Charles Alma, born on ship
Neilsen (Anderson), Elle (Helle) (22) d. Oct. 24, 1856, buried at Rock Creek, traveling with Wicklund family, (Peter Madsen diary says Ella came first with grandparents who died before handcart trek)
Newman, Mary Ann Williams(37), widow, (Husband, John, died Feb. 1856), and children
Newman, Eliza (16), b. England
Newman, William (14), b. England
Newman, John (12), b. England

Newman, Mary Ann (9), b. England
Newman, Caroline (7), b. England
Newman, Ellen (5), b. England
Nielsen, Bertha
Nielson (or Nielsen), Jens (35), and family, b. Denmark
Nielson, Elsie (or Else) (26), wife, b. Denmark

Nielson, Niels (or Jens) (5 or 6), son, d. Oct. 24, 1856, buried at Rock Creek, (Bodil Mortensen with family)
Nielson, Jens Peter, (Madsen diary says Jens Nielsen, above, loaned money on ship to Jens Peter Nielson. Mortensen boys speak of lifelong friend, Jens Nielson.)
Nichols, John (66), from England, d. Oct. 19
Norris, Cecelia (or Celia) (26), b. England
Norris, Sarah (Ann) (22), b. England
Norris, Henry (11) (on Thornton only)
Oakey, Thomas (42), with family, b. England
Oakey, Ann Collett (43), wife, b. England
Oakey, Ann (22), b. England
Oakey, Charles (19), b. England

Oakey, Jane (17), b. England
Oakey, Heber Thomas (15), b. England
Oakey, Joseph Lorenzo (12), b. England; ran away in Nebraska, stayed with a farm family; served in the Civil War; saw his family 20 years later

Oakey, Rhoda Rebecca (10), b. England, d. Nov. 9, 1856, near Little Mountain
Oakey, Reuben Hyrum (8), b. England
Oakey, Sarah Ann (4), b. England
Oborn, Joseph (45), with family, b. England, d. Oct. 30 on the Green River
Oborn, Maria Stradling (45) wife, b. England

Oborn, John (12), b. England
Oliver, Ann (23)
Oliver, James (31 or 33), b. England
Oliver, Charles (23), b. England, with PEF wagons
Olsen, Ane (46), from Denmark, d. Oct 24, buried, Rock Creek, benefactress on board Thornton
Olsen, Lorenzo N. (12), son (?)
Ore, Abraham (40 or 42), and wife, b. England
Ore, Eliza (41 or 42), wife, b. England
Osborn, Ann Fauks, widow (23 or 24), b. England
Osborne (or Osborn), Daniel (35), with family, d. Nov. 1, 1856, 15 miles west of the Green River
Osborne, Susannah Rebecca Tillet (33), wife, d. Nov. 5 in Echo Canyon

Osborne, Susannah (10), b. England
Osborne, (7), b. England, d. Oct. 19 on Sweetwater
Osborne, Sarah Ann (3), b. England
Osborne, Martha Ann (1), b. England
Page, William (17), b. England
Panting, Elizabeth Crook (28), and family, b. England
Panting, Christopher (5), b. England
Panting, Jane (1 yr.), b. England
Patterson, John S. (32), b. Scotland, Cook on Thornton
Peacock, Alfred (18), b. England, left company on Oct. 12, 1856, and returned to Ft. Laramie
Perkins, Mary Ann (64), b. England, d. Oct. 21, 1856
Peterson, Soren, father
Peterson, Christian Sorensen (9), son
Peterson, Jens O. (36), with family, b. Denmark
Peterson, Ane Jensen (32 or 33), wife, b. Denmark

Peterson, Johanna Sophia (12), b. Denmark
Peterson, Mette Maria (10), b. Denmark
Peterson, Hans Peter (7), b. Denmark
Peterson, Christen (5), b. Denmark
Peterson, Peter (4), b. Denmark
Peterson, James Christen (1 yr.), b. Denmark
Peterson (or Pederson), Sophia (or Catherine Wilhelmine) (31) and family
Peterson, Peter (10)
Peterson, Thomas (7), fell through hatchway on ship Thornton and died
Peterson, Emma Sophie (5)
Peterson, Anna Johanne (3)
Peterson, Otto August (1)
Phillpot (or Philpot), William (51), with family, b. England, d. Oct. 17, 1856, on the Sweetwater
Phillpot (or Philpot), Eliza (36), wife, from England, d. Oct. 22, 1856, on the Sweetwater.

Phillpot, Julia M. (13), b. England
Phillpot, Martha Eliza (11), b. England
Pilgrim, Rebecca (30), b. England
Quinn, William W. (50), b. Gronville, Jersey, Channel Islands, Great Britain, and family, left Willie Company at Council Bluffs or Florence, continued to Utah in 1860
Quinn, Mary Ann Hosking (49), wife, b. Kingbridge, Levon, England
Quinn, William R. (24), b. St. Helier, Jersey, British Isles
**Quinn, Mary Ann, Jr. (22), b. St. Heliers, Jersey, British Isles*
**Quinn, Harriet (19), b. St. Helier, Jersey, British Isles*

**Quinn, Elizabeth (17), b. St. Helier, Jersey, British Isles*
Quinn, George (14), b. St. Helier, Jersey, British Isles

Quinn, Isabella (7 or 8), b. St. Helier, Jersey, British Isles
Quinn, Joseph Hyrum, (5), b. St. Helier, Jersey, British Isles

**These three girls continued from Florence in 1856 with the Martin Handcart Company.
Rasmussen, Rasmine (9), died on ship Thornton of inflamation of brain. Daughter of Morten Rasmussen (Madsen diary and ship log)
Read, James (21), with family
Reade, Sister, Alma Babbitt left her with the company
Reed, (or Read), William M. ( 63), with family, b. England, d. Oct. 1, 1856, just past Ft. Laramie
Reed, Sarah (63), b. England, wife

Reed, Joseph Paul (17), grandson, b. England
Reeder, David (54), with family, b. England, d. Oct. 1, 1856, just past Ft. Laramie
Reeder, Robert (19), b. England

Reeder, Caroline (17), b. England, d. Oct 15, one mile past Independence Rock, (sister, Eliza Hurren)
Richins (or Richens), John, (22), husband, b. England
Richins, Charlotte (21), wife, b. England

Richins, Hannah Louiza (1), b. England, d. July 12 or 13 at Iowa City Camp
Richins, Franklin Thornton, b. July 15, Iowa City Camp
Roberts, John (42), b. England, d. Oct. 16 on Sweetwater
Roberts, Mary (44), b. England, d. Oct. 26, 15 miles west of Rock Creek
Rogers, Jemima Brown (53), twice widowed, b. England
Rogers, Elizabeth (8), daughter, b. England
Rowley, Ann Jewell (48), widow, with family, b. England
Rowley, Louisa (18), b. England

Rowley, Elizabeth, (16), b. England
Rowley, John (14), b. England
Rowley, Samuel (12), b. England

Rowley, Richard (11), b. England
Rowley, Thomas (10), b. England
Rowley, Jane (7), b. England

Rowley, Eliza (28), step-daughter, b. England, d. Oct. 19
Rowley, Jane (26), step-daughter, b. England
Sandberg, Jens Truedson (37), b. Sweden
Savage, Levi (36), b. Ohio, sub-captain, returning missionary from Siam
Showell, Harriet (30 or 31), sister, b. England
Showell, Ellen C. (14), sister
Siler, Andrew L., Captain, and company, in charge of 4 Independent Wagons in Willie Company, left Willie Company at Ft. Laramie to join Hodgett Company because of lack of stock (36), b. USA
Sister (no name listed) in Willie Company d. July 9, 1856 at Iowa City Camp
Smith, Andrew (19), b. Scotland, saved lives on Rocky Ridge, married Jane, daughter of Joseph McKay
Smith, Harriet (27), b. England
Smith, Marjorie McEwan Bain (51), widow, of Scotland Bain, May (22), daughter from 1st husband, b. Scotland
Smith, Jane (17), daughter, b. Scotland
Smith, Mary (15), daughter, b. Scotland
Smith, Elizabeth (13), daughter, b. Scotland

Smith, Alexander J. (6), son, b. Scotland (Euphemia Mitchell traveling with this family, married son, Robert Bain, already in Valley, came with rescuers)
Smith, William (47 or 48), and wife, b. England, d. Oct. 25, 1856, just past Rock Creek
Smith, Eliza (40), wife, b. England, d. Oct. 19, 1856
Stanley, Betsey (or Elizabeth) Gent (38), b. England
Steed, Sarah (20), traveling with Bailey family; uncle, Thomas Steed. was rescuer; married Elizabeth Bailey
Stewart, Jane Ann (32), b. 27 Dec 1824, Scotland, single
Stewart, Nancy, traveling with Almon Babbitt, joined Willie Co. Aug. 31 as a passenger in James Cantwell’s Independent Wagon; joined Hodgett Co. at Ft. Laramie
Stewart, Thomas (38), with family
Stewart, Margaret (44), wife, b. Scotland, died

Stewart, William (12)
Stewart, Ann B. (10)
Stewart, Thomas (8)
Stewart, John (4)
Stockdale, Mary Ann (18), b. 17 Sep 1838 Deven, England, engaged to sub-captain, John Chislett

Stone, Susannah, (25), born in England
Stuart, Jane A. (Probably Jane Ann Stewart)
Stuart (or Stewart), John (31 or 32), with family, b. Scotland, ready for burial but revived at Rock Creek
Stuart Ann Waddle (29 or 30), wife, b. Scotland

Stuart John (6), b. Scotland
Stuart Mary (or Margaret Ann) (2 mos.), b. Scotland

Summers, Elizabeth (27), originally traveled with friend, Emma Batchelor, lost most of her toes
Summers, Emma (27), married rescuer, Anson Call
Tait, Anna F. (31), b. Scotland, d. Oct. 20, possibly sister-in-law of Elizabeth X. Tait
Tait, Elizabeth Xavier (22), b. 23 Dec 1833, India; husband (William Tait) and son had emigrated the year before (from India); William came with rescuers
Tait, Mary Ann (1), b. India, d. 1856, probably July 1 at Iowa City.
Tassell, (or Yassell) Kitty Ann (38)
Thomas, James (16) b. England, husband, married on ship Thornton June 12
Thomas, Mary Somerville (16), b. Ireland
Tite, Elizabeth (25), b. England, married day of arrival (Nov. 9, 1856) to fiancé, Jesse Tye
Toffield, Ellen (43)
Turner, Richard F. (66), from England, d. Sept. 15, 1856, 7 miles past North Bluff Fork.
Wall, Frederick (31 or 34), and wife, b. England
Wall, Sarah Mariah Williamson (or Maria Wheeler) (30), wife, b. England, parents are Edward and Ann Wheeler in company
Wall, Joseph (17), with sister, b. England. Name listed incorrectly, Journal History, 11/9/1856, with words “and wife.”
Wall, Sarah Emily (16), and brother, b. England, married rescuer, William Cowley
Walter (or Walters or Waters), John (64), b. England, d. Oct. 25, 1856, past Rock Creek; shoemaker
Wandelin (or Vandelin or Vendin or Wendin or Wenden), Lars Gudman (or Gudmanson or Gudmann) (60), from Denmark, d. Oct. 24, 1856, buried at Rock Creek
Ward, Lucy (23), married rescuer, James Cole on Nov. 2, 1856, west of Ft. Bridger; stayed at Ft. until Spring
Watson, Andrew A. (24), b. Scotland
West, Sarah (23 or 24), b. England (or Sarah West Williams or Sarah A. Williams or Sarah Frances West or Sarah Esther West)
Wheeler, Edward (51 or 52), with family, b. England
Wheeler, Ann (54 or 55), wife, b. England
Wheeler, Mary (24), b. England
(daughter, Sarah Wall, also in company)
Whitham (or Witsom or Withom), Eliza (42), and son
Whitham, Joseph (9), son
Wickland (or Wicklund), Oleo (or Olof or Ole) Jacobsen (30), with family, b. Sweden; possibly Paul Jacobsen of this company was father or father-in-law)
Wickland, Ella Jonsson (30), wife, b. Sweden

Wickland, Christina, (8), b. Sweden
Wickland, Jonas (5 or 6), b. Sweden
Wickland Sarah Jacobine (or Jacobina) (3), b. Denmark
Wickland, Ephramine (or Ephraimuer) Josephine (1), b. Denmark
Wickland, Jacob, b. Oct. 16, 1856, on the Sweetwater (Ella Nielson or Nielsdatter traveling with family)
Wilford, William, with Independent Wagons, joined Hodgett Company at Ft. Laramie
Wilkey (or Wilkie), Isabella (47 or 48), (had charge of Elizabeth Forbes, age 8), b. Scotland
Williams, Mary (50), from England, d. July 23, 1856, from eating green plums.
Williams, Sarah A. (22), b. England
Willie, James G. (41), Captain, b. England, returning missionary from England
Witts (or Wit or Witt or Wilts), Samuel H. (65 or 67), b. England, d. Oct. 26, 1856, past Rock Creek.
Woodward, William (23), b. England, sub-captain
Young, Thomas (19), b. England, teamster, married widow, Martha Campkin, of Company after arrival, may have only been with Willie Co. before Florence

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